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  • iBasso iBasso DX160
  • iBasso iBasso DX160
  • iBasso iBasso DX160
  • iBasso iBasso DX160
  • iBasso iBasso DX160
  • iBasso iBasso DX160
  • iBasso iBasso DX160
  • iBasso iBasso DX160

iBasso DX160

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iBasso DX160 reviews

"Original DX160 has a very wide soundstage to begin with. '20 version makes it a touch wider, especially noticeable in mids / vocals, giving soundstage a more holographic perception." - Twister6

"If you go by Android benchmark scores, perhaps DX160 is not the fastest (or the smallest), but it packs one heck of an audio performance with one heck of a display screen which is hard to ignore!" - Head-Fi

"In terms of specification and user experience, the iBasso looks nigh-on ideal. But its sound - 'perky' in the manner of an Ibiza all-nighter - gets wearing sooner rather than later." - What Hi-Fi

"The DX160 completes what I call the triumvirate of killer mid-fi DAPs that I have heard this year including HiBy's R5 and FiiO's M11. Each DAP offers something unique." - Headphonics

"iBasso have shown again what a device should look like in 2020. Striking design, compact size, convenient controls everything is fulfilled without sacrifice to sound and other player capabilities." - Porta.Fi

"A popular phrase by the community when the DX160 first came out, was that it was" too good for the price. "And it's true. I would take the it over many other devices double what iBasso is asking." - theheadphonelist

"The DX160 is a beautiful looking player and it's even better sounding. It worked wonderfully with every earphone and headphone I threw at it. The interface, ergonomics, and sound are all on point." - Audiophile On

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