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iBasso iBasso AM05

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Artikelnummer: 6971585540585

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iBasso AM05 reviews

"AM05 is a model with a stylish design that would surely appeal to the magician of the Emerald City, with a solid assembly and a neutral, detailed, melodic sound." - Head-Fi

"The AM05 is an engaging sounding iem that is able to deliver punchy bass, forward midrange and airy treble. The soundstage has excellent width and good depth." - Audio123 Reviews

"AM05 has a nice non-fatigue sound which you can enjoy during extended listening sessions. AM05 stand out is not only the sound, but the design and the build quality." - Twister6

"The AM05 is a complete break from that corporate feel of before though that excellent custom universal shaping remains. This is much more youthful and “energetic looking" in its aesthetic." - Headfonics

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